Blueberry Bread & Sunshine

I made some more fruit bread today. I split the mix in two separate bowls and put blueberries in one and strawberries in the other. I poured the batter into 2 separate little loaf pans and made strawberry bread and blueberry bread.
The blueberry bread tastes really good. I may make a big loaf of it next time.

I’m happy to report that the sun finally came out today. It warmed up to a balmy 32°. 😉
I was so excited to see the sunshine that I had to take a photo of it to share with you.

Here’s wishing you all a weekend
of sunshine and warm temps.

8 thoughts on “Blueberry Bread & Sunshine

  1. Bet it tasted delicious and just as good as the strawberry!
    I was happy to hear that your temperature is rising a little at last, and love the photo. We are still suffering in the scorching heat here in Oz (it’s 42C in the state of Victoria today), but we are coming to the end of summer, so hopefully it will start to cool down soon.


    • Thanks Barb
      The blueberry bread is really a treat and tastes as nice as the strawberry.
      I forgot that you live where it’s opposite seasons from us. I hope you’re keeping cool and comfortable during the heat wave. Maybe the cool breezes of fall will blow in soon and you can be free of the scorching heat til next year. I’m thankful that changing seasons give us breaks from extreme weather. Take care and keep cool!


    • Thanks Dianna
      Has your snow melted away? Your weather sounds like it’s trying to break free of winter’s grasp. I know what you mean, if the temps had of warmed to around mid 50s, we could’ve got out and enjoyed the sunshine. Oh well, Springs on it’s way so soon maybe we all can get a nice break in the weather. Take care and keep warm!


    • Thanks Charlotte
      Yes, I made one batter and split it in two bowls and put strawberries in one and blueberrries in the other.
      They turned out better than I’d hoped.


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