WIP Wednesday – Crochet Flowers

IMG_8077Look at all these unfinished crochet flowers. I plan on making more. I don’t use a pattern, I crochet them freehand. Some are quite wonky. However, when I put them in a basket they don’t look half bad.
These are quite addictive little darlings to make. I’ll go through and pick out the better ones to use in crafts and You can almost bet that there’s another flower ball in Sheli’s future.  😉

IMG_8102One good thing about crocheting flowers is that they’re helping me to use up my odds and ends of yarn that I’ve acquired over the years. I like that. Oh and they’re fun too.

This is all for me at the moment. I just wanted to post a WIP for Wednesday.

I hope all your projects are a success.
Have a great rest of the week.



4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Crochet Flowers

    • Thanks Patti
      I’ve gotten better at crocheting flowers and with each improvement, I make more. It’s fun giving in to my ‘ECD’ (excessive crafting disorder) by making too many of these little pretties… lol 🙂


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