Super Solid Granny Square

While blog surfing I came across a blog called ‘Sparkly Toad’. I was so happy to see that Julie has made a pattern for a solid granny square. I’ve always wanted one, but never found one.

I was so excited about it that I spent the afternoon working with the pattern. Julie did quite a good job on the pattern, but I had a hard time getting round 4 to work out. I didn’t have enough stitches in round 3 to accommodate the pattern and make the four corners. It’s possible it was just me not reading the pattern right. I do have that problem sometimes. It took awhile, but I worked out a bit of a different formula and was able to get round 4 to turn out right.

For the complete pattern please visit:
Super Solid Granny Square at Sparkly Toad

Julie contacted me and sure it enough I read it wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m sorry Julie, for misreading your directions.
Thanks again for a great pattern.
Now, I’m off to make another one and see if I can follow your directions right this time.

edited out my changes


my 1st attempt

edited in 4-17-2014:

Here’s my granny square I made by following Julie’s pattern the right way (hopefully).  This would make an awesome warm blanket. I have plans to use this pattern in the future. It was an easy pattern to do once I got the hang of it.

IMG_9445Thanks so much for the super pattern Julie.


Happy Crafting Everyone!


Crazy Calming Crochet Stitch


My apologies on this photo, the sun went behind a cloud as Sheli posed perfectly and I took the photo. The dark blur sort of in the upper left side is a bumblebee that has taken up residence on our back porch. Sheli was watching it fly around.

This is my finished crochet project that I mentioned the other day,  a 56 inch x 44 inch blanket.
I got the idea for this blanket from my Blogging Buddy Charlotte. I’ve always wanted to try this pattern, but I didn’t think I could do it. Then Charlotte posted a beautiful baby blanket she crocheted by this pattern. She said it was calming work and not too difficult. She gave a quick and easy explanation of the stitches. It clicked hope in my heart that perhaps I could do the stitch and make something pretty too.

I spent 30 minutes trying to make the pattern work for me, but I’m not skilled enough for free-hand on such a lovely stitch, so I went and looked up a pattern… well, I found some, but I couldn’t make them work either. I felt like such a gourd-head.

I was about to give up when I saw a link for a vintage pattern supposedly written as it was in 1899 and 1917: How To Crochet The Crazy Stitch. I thought it couldn’t hurt to check that out… wow, I took right off following the pattern… now what does that say for my mentality? lol The only change I made to the pattern was, instead of using the 3 double crochet that it calls for, I used 2 double crochet. The 3 double crochet made it look too bunchy.
There’s a few patterns on that page for the crazy stitch. The one from 1899 calls for treble crochets.

Sheli fell in love with our new blanket of course. I let him pose with it while I took photos.
The first person that used this blanket was my grandson, he snuggled underneath it to watch movies this weekend.

It’s a nice size blanket and not too difficult to make. I think it went quite quickly, but then I love to crochet.

I echo Charlotte’s words that it’s “Calming work”
Thanks Charlotte for inspiring me once again. I’ve really enjoyed making a bright new blanket for my family to enjoy. ((hugs))


I hope you all have a great week
& can do a craft or activity that you find calming & fun.