Doe, Honeysuckle & Crafts

IMG_1829Looks like there’s going to be a new fawn in the neighborhood in the next few weeks. This doe and a young buck came strolling across our land. I wasn’t fast enough to get a good photo of the young buck, but I did manage to get this fairly good photo of the doe. She’s a really good size deer. I hope she’ll bring her baby by sometime. and I hope I can get photos of it.


IMG_1571Every time I step out of the door I’m greeted with the sweet aroma of honeysuckle. It’s really spread alot more this year than previous years. It must’ve been a perfect winter for it to flourish.


IMG_084900kI’m trying to make a project using these colors, but so far I have had to salvage two attempts. Sooo, maybe it’ll be 3-times-charm and I’ll actually get my project finished and can share it here soon.


2014-memdayHave you ever finished a craft and as you look at it, you feel like something’s missing.That’s what happened to me with my Memorial day wreath. I like it and thought it was finished. I displayed on my wall and on my blog, but something about it bugged me.
Well, today as I was getting some supplies together for another craft, I had one of those ‘Aha!’ moments and it clicked what was missing on the wreath… it needed gold trim around the roses to make them stand out more.
It alot of work, but I got the trim on.
I updated the photo in the sidebar and the original post .
I’m much happier with it now. I hope it looks better. 🙂


This is all for me at the moment.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week!





10 thoughts on “Doe, Honeysuckle & Crafts

    • Hi RaisingDaisy
      Welcome to my blog.
      I enjoyed visiting your blog. Daisy is wonderful.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a happy comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  1. That looks like one healthy deer, and you got a great shot of her; hope she brings her baby by so you can hopefully get some photos of them. The honeysuckle is such a pretty and dainty little flower. I have one rambling over my fence and I love it’s beautiful perfume!


    • Thanks Barb
      I am in high hopes of seeing the fawn. It’ll probably be a fleeting moment when I don’t have my camera, but still a joy to see.
      I didn’t know you all had honeysuckle. That’s so neat. It’s definitely a hardy vine. 🙂


  2. Little fawn are so sweet – hope you get to see this one! Those colors of yarn are really pretty together; can’t wait to see what you create with them !


    • Thanks Dianna
      There was a fawn born in our yard last year. We saw it a couple times but never long enough to take a photo. Sadly when it was a few months old it was hit by a car and killed.
      I really like the colors together and if this project doesn’t work out this time, I’m going to give up on it and then use these colors to ‘try’ and make something else… I endeavor to persevere. lol 🙂


    • Hi Charlotte
      Yep. If it wasn’t for all the mowing our yard would be a honeysuckle blanket in no time. It’s ashame about your peach tree. Will it still have fruit even though it’s covered?


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