Blue Jean Water Tote

1-jeantoteI needed a tote for my water that I carry to the garden, on walks or short trips away from the house. I wanted  something simple that also had small pockets for keys and little things like that. I studied on it awhile and came up with a pattern using a pair of may husband’s old worn out blue jeans.

I cut off one of the legs and folded it, sewed the sides together and it made 3 pockets: 1 for water bottles and 2 for little things.
The other leg and rest of the blue jeans went for straps, flaps and stuff.
Once I got started on the project it went together quite well.
It’s not necessary for me to worry about insulating the water bottles to keep them very cold. We don’t like our water very cold.  I have enough room in the water pocket to wrap the bottles in a hand-towel to take care of condensation.

I didn’t make a tutorial for my jean-tote, but I did take alot of photos. lol
I’m pleased as peaches with my tote. I know it’ll be real helpful this Summer.

Do you have a special water tote you use for gardening, walks or short trips away from the house?

Do you have a favorite pattern for old worn out blue jeans?

Here’s wishing you all a great rest of the week.



10 thoughts on “Blue Jean Water Tote

  1. Great bag, I’ve made several hand bags/ purses from old jeans, but never thought of water bags, nice idea thanks! 🙂 I know what I’ll be doing.


    • Thanks so much, Sassy
      I’ve always liked blue jean bags/purses. I made one back in the 70’s, but this is my first blue jean bag since then.
      If make one one of these, I hope you’ll post a photo. 🙂


    • Thanks Thegrangerange
      There’s nothing like a pair of comfy cut-off blue jeans. I have a pair taht are knee length, I call them my Grandma-Daisy-Dukes. lol 🙂


  2. Thanks Charlotte,
    Blue jeans make good grease rags. We have used a few pairs for that too. I mostly use ours for patching the rips and tears in our regular jeans. Denim is so versatile. 🙂


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