Wildlife Wednesday – Resident Bunnies

IMG_3461Just hopping by this Wildlife Wednesday to say howdy and to post a photo of our resident garden bunnies. So far, spinach is the only thing they’ve eaten in the garden.

IMG_3538I read that rabbits like to eat chard, but for some reason they haven’t eaten any of our chard.
I suppose since these rabbits are wild, they didn’t get the memo on their preferred foods,  or it just occurred to me, that they’re saving the chard for their babies. I can see where that they’ve been pulling their fur & that means there’s a nest somewhere snugly & warm built for a litter of kits.

I think these rather well defined bunny tracks between a couple of my squash plants are a bit odd. I can’t figure out what was going on here for them to be in such an odd configuration. 😀IMG_3473

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Resident Bunnies

    • Thanks Nadine
      It’s fun to see wildlife. It always feels like a gift to me.
      Awesome on the biking. That’s a wonderful way to exercise and enjoy MotherNature at the same time. 🙂


  1. So, your resident bunnies are having babies – they will all be running amuck in your garden soon!
    Those tracks do look a bit weird; when you solve the mystery, let us know!


    • Hey Barb
      You’re right-on. I hope I can get a few photos of them. I do enjoy the bunnies.
      I doubt I figure the tracks out, there’s no telling what them rascally rabbits were up too. lol


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