Baby Deer Growing Strong

IMG_6160I opened the kitchen blinds this morning and saw Mama & Baby Deer out where the garden used to be. (My husband mowed the garden down flat the other day.) Baby was posed to pretty. I don’t know what it was watching.

IMG_6176I started clicking off pictures through the kitchen window. The quality isn’t great, but I sure do enjoy having these to share with you so you can see how well Baby is growing.

They stayed around the garden for a little bit and then walked down the yard. I manage to get a fair photo of them near our porch.famdy

Here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend
full of smiles and sunshine.


10 thoughts on “Baby Deer Growing Strong

  1. We had Mama and baby in our yard this morning too! Mama was teaching baby to eat my hydrangea: not a good example!
    Have a great weekend, EC!


    • lol Dianna
      Thanks for sharing that with me, I literally laughed-out-loud.
      Isn’t it fun watching the Mama & Babies even when they’re teaching them to eat the flowers? lol
      You have a great weekend too. 🙂


  2. It’s great that you are able to keep us up to date with the baby deer so we can see how he/she is growing, and these shots are really good; the first one is brilliant, what a stance!


    • Thanks Barb
      The Baby was watching something across the way, I think it may have been the neighbors. I agree It’s a beautiful stance and I’m happy I managed to photograph it. 🙂


  3. Wow. Just wow. Such a beautiful sight. You’re so lucky. (Yes I know deer can be a pest and demolish everything, but they’re so elegant and lovely that it’s hard to be cross.) Thank you for posting such stunning pictures.


    • Thanks TY
      You’re very welcome.
      There was a herd of 8 out here a few years ago and we never complained about anything they ate, even our flowers and veggies. Some folks think us daft for not getting upset.
      We feel so blessed deer visit our yard, we’re like little kids filled with joy to watch them. 😀


  4. It doesn’t seem like it should be late enough to have finished gardening this year. I guess time is getting away from me! Thanks for sharing your beautiful backyard buddies. I haven’t seen Shelibean lately, come to think of it.


    • Thanks Patti
      Well, actually the gardening season goes on for another month or so around here. However, we try to plan ours to end early in the Summer, so we can leave it for a few weeks for the wildlife and when it ceases producing anything edible, then my we cut it down for the year.
      I haven’t taken any photos of Sheli lately, he’s either asleep or goes and hides when I get the camera out. lol

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