Random Five Friday – 9-5-2014

IMG_6765Sheli enjoyed some time sitting in my lap under a shade tree. We’ve been trying to take advantage of the nice weather in between storms.

IMG_6644Last weekend, My husband built a small fire for me and our Grandson to grill some marshmallows to make some smores. Our Grandson was surprised I’d never made nor eaten a smore before. It was a lot of fun for me to have my Grandson show me how to make one. Here’s a photo of my first and only smore. 🙂smore1

We were at our local department store and I was delighted to see that they have Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses stocked on the shelves already. Peanut Butter kisses doesn’t last long on the shelves and they’ll be out-of-stock within no time.  I scurried over and got me a couple bags. Apparently there’s a lot of us that share a sweet-tooth for these chewy sweet goodies. I wonder if that’s just a southern-thang or if they’re as popular in the other parts of the states and the world?
Do you have a seasonal candy or food that you look forward too buying or making over a holiday? IMG_6922

I chopped open some of my round squash to save the seeds. I didn’t keep the squash part, we’re burned out on squash for the year. I had my husband take them to the woods for the deer to eat.IMG_6824

While I was sitting under a shade tree trying to surf the net I finally got my blog page to load and then I noticed my reflection in my KindleFire, so I took a sort of a reflection-selfy with my digital camera. lol IMG_6801Notice the band-aid at the top of my KindleFire. It’s there blocking the camera lens. I do the same thing on my laptop too. I don’t like having cameras pointed at me all the time. I’ve never even activated the camera on my KF. I don’t see any reason too. If it had a camera lens on the back side like a cellphone, I’d probably activate it and use it though.
I wish I was more skilled at using the keyboard on the kindlefire, then I could do some serious blogging.  Honestly, I don’t have the patience to sit and correct-the-auto-correct. For some reason it constantly changes what I type. Oh well, gotta love modern technology.

So, how about you, other than texting, are you skilled at using the typing part of tablets or cellphones to make blog posts or comments?

I hope these last days of Summer are going well for you all.
Have a nice weekend.

6 thoughts on “Random Five Friday – 9-5-2014

  1. Oh, boy….your comments on technology hit a nerve with me. (You may notice that I “copped out” on a post today….we had gone to the beach, and I just couldn’t handle writing a post on my tablet….)
    And you know there’s an option that you can change to stop that auto-correct feature?
    Have a good weekend!
    PS I’ve never eaten a Smore either….!


    • I agree Sheryl 🙂
      Laptops are the way to go. I love mine. I was given my Kindle as a gift from my Husband because I like to read and surf the net when I’m outside. Unfortunately my laptop screen isn’t outside compatible… except at night and then it draws skeeters. 😦


  2. What was your thought on the Smore? I like all three ingredients, but not together. Fun that you got to make them with your grandson. I like to use my tablet for Facebook posting and I read and comment on blogs, but only post on it in an emergency. I like to add too many photos.


    • Hey Patti
      Well, my smore thoughts are that I’m glad my Grandson taught me to make them. That’s a special memory we made. However, I think you described my thoughts on them perfectly, I like the 3 ingredients, but not necessarily together.
      Photos are another issue with me too. I’m sure that if a tech-savvy person had hold of my KindleFire they could do all sorts of cool things. I don’t see me ever being able to do much fancy stuff on it.
      I agree In an emergency tablets and handheld devices are a lifesaver. 🙂


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