Seeds Saved and ready for 2015

IMG_7102I’ve got a few flowers seeds saved for next year. You may notice the white powder in the bags in the photo. The white powder is DE (Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade). I always put DE in with my saved flowers seeds in case some lil’ buggers hatches out during the winter. DE is helpful in killing bugs, insects, spiders, ants and stuff. We discovered it back a few years ago during a brown recluse scare. DE gets into the exoskeleton and causes the pests to dry out. I’ve used DE on a centipede and it killed it, so that impressed me greatly. I feel better thinking that I may help prevent some little pests or no-see’ums from surviving in my flower seeds.

I don’t have to put DE with my squash seeds since the seeds are clean, dried and will be put in labeled envelopes. I saved a lot more seeds than I actually plan on using (because I can’t make myself throw them away.) I told my husband that I plan on planting only 4 squash plants next year.  He laughed at me and says, “Oh yeah, that’ll happen.”
I always go overboard with starting my squash seeds and then I don’t have the heart not to plant all the seedlings. But the problem is that I never know how productive my plants will be. I don’t plant 3 seeds or seedlings in a hill, I plant the individual seedlings about 4 feet apart. This year I started 9 round squash seeds, but 6 plants were all that survived. Those 6 plants covered us in round squash. Other years I’ve planted as many as 18 plants and we only got a moderate harvest. We’ll just wait and see how it goes.

Do you save seeds each year?
Do you have any special things you do with or to the seeds when storing them?

Have a terrific Tuesday.


8 thoughts on “Seeds Saved and ready for 2015

    • Thanks Dianna
      There’s not really an art to it. I pretty much just bring in the dead flower heads and put them in bags and hope for the best. 🙂


  1. I do save seeds ~ bought packages have so few seeds inside and they don’t always germinate either. Home grown seeds usually do very well. I save spice containers to keep my seeds in and then put them in the refrigerator over winter.


    • Hi Charlotte
      That’s a good idea to use spice containers in the refrigerator.
      My Mom kept her seeds over winter in the freezer and they did great for her. I’ve tried that and my seeds didn’t do so well.
      I think the refrigerator would be a great way to keep the seeds.
      Thanks for sharing your helpful hint. 🙂


  2. I’ve never saved seeds, but I remember my dad drying tomato seeds on paper towels for the next year. Your pink gerber daisy label made me think about saving seeds from one I bought this year. Do you put the head in a plastic bag like this?


    • Hi Patti
      I never was successful at saving tomato seeds. My Mom was successful at it and my Brother does a great job saving them. It’s easier for me to buy the seeds or the plants.
      I wait until the head of the flower is totally dry before I pick it and then I break the head open, put it in a bag, sprinkle of DE and leave the bag open until I’m comfortable that seeds are dried enough not to mold or rot.
      Gerber daisy seedlings are quite pricey in our area. This is the first year we bought any. We were shocked when they were rang up, but we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves by not buying them then. So, now that a few have escaped notice of the critters and are seeding out it’s worth it to try and save the seeds and grow my own. 🙂

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