Wildlife Wednesday – hummer & shy skink


Plump Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

This little guy certainly is packing on the weight for his long migration journey.



Shy Baby skink diving for cover

Our new resident baby skink was too fast for me to get her photo.
I think her tail is a beautiful shade of blue.


Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday!



11 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – hummer & shy skink

    • Hey Margie
      The distance the tiny little birds travel just boggles my mind. I’ve often wondered where our hummers winter. I wish I could put a gps tracker on them to find out.


    • It saddens me too Dianna
      Missing the wee birdies nags at my heart all winter long.
      It’s okay, not everyone is a lizard person. They’re very helpful with pests control. and some of them are purdy too. 🙂


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