December Wreath

IMG_8181This wreath post ends my trek of posting a wreath a month.
These 2 wreaths are made using the same tools and techniques as my January wreath.
They are quite festive and jolly for Christmas.

I wish you all joy & a wonderful holiday


My two December wreaths, pictured at the very top of this post, are made with Red Heart yarn on a Knifty Knitter cord loom and some flower looms that I don’t know what their name is.

sewmiconThank you Charlotte for being my inspiration.
I can hardly wait to see what you’ve planned for next year.

Here’s why I posted a ‘Wreath of the Month’ for every month of 2014.



9 thoughts on “December Wreath

  1. Well, you made it ~ 12 wreaths! I still have one more hope chest entry to post; it’s almost finished 😦 I don’t think I will commit to a monthly project next year; I feel too much pressure to be on time with something. These wreaths are so pretty and they look soft enough to cuddle up with. lol Thank you for your support this year!

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    • Thanks Charlotte
      I’ve enjoyed my wreaths, but they were a struggle these past few months. I’m glad that I did a monthly challenge because the wreaths helped keep my blog active (even though I wasn’t actively blogging) I’m thinking I’ll probably do another monthly challenge in 2015 to help keep my blog open.
      Thanks again for being my inspiration for a monthly challenge. 🙂


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