1st blanket project for 2015

IMG_8623Once upon a time (a couple years ago), I bought an S-loom. It’s a big beautiful sturdy knitting loom. I haven’t used it yet. My Bff has one and keeps it constantly loaded making luscious blankets for her grandbabes. She has a wonderful talent using the knitting looms. She has oodles of different looms and has made some awesome stuff with them. I’ve made a few items with my Martha Stewart & Knifty Knitter looms, but nothing on my S-loom. I decided to finally use the s-loom and see if I can make a pretty blanket for My 1st blanket project of 2015.
IMG_8600-1I bought lots of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.
I’ve un-boxed my S-loom.
I got the cast-on row cast on.
Now, I’m ready to start the project.
I plan to post updates as I go along.
Wish me luck.

Wishing you all great joy & success with
your crafts & projects all through the year.
Happy 2015!


12 thoughts on “1st blanket project for 2015

  1. Oooh….I LOVE the color of that yarn! And it looks so soft. I just know that’s going to make a scrumptious blanket. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Happy New Year, E.C.!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      The yarn is deliciously soft, the kind you can snuggle down in with a good book on a cold winters day. My Bff loves this kind of yarn (and so does her grandbabes).
      I hope I can get this baby rolling and my progress reports will be productive ones.
      Happy New Year! 🙂

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    • Hey Nadine,
      Aw cool. What type of looms did you get? Once I got the hang of the knitting looms I found them quite enjoyable to make things with.
      Youtube is my go-to place when I want to learn a new technique or method. It’s been a very helpful resource. There’s is videos on how to do just about every part of loom knitting.
      To begin: Go to youtube and look for ‘casting on’.
      To end: When you finish a piece then go to youtube and search for ‘binding off’.
      Also, there’s oodles of videos on how to do the stitches.
      My favorite stitch is an ‘e wrap’.
      I hope you’ll post your progress.
      I wish you much luck and good knitting.


    • Hi Oh Sew Tempting
      Welcome to my blog.
      I really like this loom. Thankfully, I’m finding it easier to use than I thought it’d be. Hopefully I’ll have a fair amount of progress to post next week.
      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving me a happy comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.
      Happy New Year! 🙂


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