Loom Knitted Blanket Update




In my 1/12/2015 Monday Mix post, I said I’ll give updates on my blanket when I’ve made significant progress.
I’m happy to say that I feel I’ve made significant progress. I was able to get 4 skeins done so far and my blanket is 26 inches long.
Hopefully, it’ll be finished by mid to late Spring.






yarn1I was doing a bit of organizing in my craft room by putting my yarn into large bags… well, I was beyond surprised to see that I think I might be a yarn-hoarder. lol

So, how about you, have you ever surprised yourself to discover you had a bigger supply of ‘some thing’ than you thought you had?

Happy crafting!t6027


12 thoughts on “Loom Knitted Blanket Update

  1. Yes, I’d say your blanket is coming along nicely!
    Years ago (even before my son was born), I did counted cross stitch. We had a joke among us that “whoever dies with the most DMC thread wins”.
    Now I would have to say it’s cardstock for my (rubber stamped) cards!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      It’s such good fun when families share in a running joke like that.
      I wish I was familiar with card making. I wouldn’t know where to start, It looks so fun. You make gorgeous cards. I bet it’s easy to get a huge continuous handy stock of supplies. You can never have too many craft supplies. 🙂


  2. Thanks YC
    The mesh baskets (hampers) lets my yarn breath and keeps it from smelling stored.
    I bought the mesh hampers at the ‘Dollar Tree’ for a dollar each. They’re handy for lots of things.
    Yarn-stashes makes me me smile. 🙂


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