Random Friday Five- (updated) snow, seedlings, girlscout cookies, yarn, abreva

IMG_93821) What a difference a day makes. The above photo was yesterday. The lower photo is today.
This area is where my garden is. I look forward to when it will be filled with growing veggies.IMG_9417
edited in 2-28-2015
My husband was looking at my blog this morning and pointed out that the top snow picture isn’t exactly the same angle as the no-snow one. So I went through my photos from the 26th and was happy to find one that’s real close to the same area as the no-snow one.
So, here it is, the same areas one day apart.
It still fascinates how fast winter snow storms come and go.IMG_9367

IMG_94192) My basil has sprouted and is growing into happy little seedlings.

IMG_90373) With the help of our Grandson, we’ve polished off 5 boxes of girlscout cookies. We certainly enjoyed them.
I buy girlscout cookies from my great-niece who lives in a small town far away from me. I send extra money to have the cookies shipped to me. I love helping her whenever I can.
My problem runs into the Girlscouts of the area I live in. It’s tough to see the little girls in the cold and/or windy weather selling cookies outside some of the local businesses. They’re so pitiful shivering and calling out to passers-by to sell cookies. I respond to their beckonings by explaining to them that I’ve already bought cookies from my niece in another town.
*Here’s what I think might make it better for the girlscouts: I wish the girlscouts would offer a badge that I could buy with their troup number on it and the year I bought cookies from them. When the other troups see it, they’ll know I support Girlscouts and I’ve done bought cookies. Then they don’t have to leave a warm spot to call out for me to buy cookies. The Girlscouts could even switch colors or something on the badges every year so it’s recognizable by sight. Do you think badges would be a good idea?

IMG_92114) I went shopping for some green yarn to make another blanket (for a surprise-gift for a special someone) My husband saw some soft pearl yarn and thought it would make a pretty blanket too. So, now I have oodles of yarn to make 2 more nice soft blankets. I hope I can get them made before next winter.

0221151133-15) During the icy bout of cold weather we had, I had a fever blister break out on my top lip. I treated it with carmex for cold sores (camphor). It tastes awful and so when I saw a commercial for abreva, the fast acting treatment, as soon as we could get out the driveway to go to the store, I bought some. Wow, that stuff worked like a charm for me. I was almost totally healed up with in 2 days. It may not work for everyone and it’s quite pricey for the tiny tube, but to me, it was worth every dime.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend of sunshine.clnflwrsds


10 thoughts on “Random Friday Five- (updated) snow, seedlings, girlscout cookies, yarn, abreva

    • Thanks Barb
      It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the snow storms come and go. I’m looking forward to planting season.
      I’m a bit jealous of your all year round gardening, it sounds wonderful. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yarn, I have been thinking yarn 🙂 And I really like your idea for the Girl Scout cookies. I am asked to buy from by way scouts than I can afford to buy. Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks CT
      If I was rich, I’d buy cookies from every girlscout I saw selling cookies. Thanks for agreeing with me about the badge, I think it’d be such a good idea. 🙂


  2. Our yard is still snow and ice covered here, though today in one of the few spots it has melted away I saw some daffodils sprouting up so warm weather can’t be too far away now.

    We have yet to order our girl scout cookies. A friend who lives on the opposite side of the country has a little one who is a girl scout and they now apparently have the option of setting up a web site for out of town friends and family to order. I rounded up a few folks to do a group order to save on shipping, and to try to get her close to her goal of selling 100 boxes. I always wonder why they can’t just sell cookies in warm weather, instead of having the poor girls having to stand out in the cold. Even though I have multiple friends with girl scout daughters, I will buy a box or two if I have the cash. I have a hard time saying no to those sweet little faces.

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    • Hi CW
      Goodness you all must’ve got clobbered by the snow & ice. The daffodils are a good sign, I think. I haven’t seen any yet, but hopefully soon.
      The website would be a great idea. I figure oodles of the cookies are sold to friends and family that live far away.
      It’s not really a good idea for me to buy more: one is the money and two is that we really don’t need to be eating too many cookies. lol
      It’s good that you buy from local troups when you can. You have a good heart to make those sweet little faces and eyes light up.
      Stay safe & warm and maybe your area will be thawed out soon. 🙂


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