2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

IMG_1223My cucumber seedlings have broken through the soil to grow.


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m


8 thoughts on “2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

  1. The cucs are coming,,,wonderful. My hubby started a few and I must say I’m proud of him. He’s hardening them off these past couple days and they will go in the garden after a 2 day cold snap we are expecting over the weekend…such is a gardeners luck.

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    • Thanks Dar
      I usually start my seeds in flats, but this year I dug a hole directly in the garden, filled it with potting soil and planted the seeds. So far every seed has came up and I don’t have to transplant. Cool.
      However, I do realize that in your region with the weather being what it is and your growing season so short, that you all have to use different techniques to get a harvest before first frost. I don’t know how you do it. I admire your growing talents.
      I hope the cold snap is a light one.
      Hope you have a pleasant weekend.


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