WildLife Wednesday – Screech

IMG_3276Screech came for a visit July 5th.
He stayed for the day and left early in the evening.
We figure the fireworks disturbed his usuall home and he used our shed as a safe house to rest and get his nerves calm again.

For those of you who may be new to my blog and not familiar with Screech, he’s a screech owl that spends winters in our shed.

9 thoughts on “WildLife Wednesday – Screech

  1. Poor Screech. Screech looks a bit frazzled, cutely frazzled but frazzled. Looks a bit like I felt after the fireworks of the the weeks before the 4th. The 4th was fairly quiet. I always wonder what happens to the the wildlife and all our tiny birds with the fireworks blasting from all around. I am glad he had a safe place with you.

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    • Thanks Pix
      I agree, he must’ve had a really frightening rough night.
      The fireworks were a bit much this year in our area. I think everyone took advantage of the fire hazard being lessened because our area was drenched from the continuous storms.
      I hope the wildlife all found a safe haven.


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