7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – More Cool Tools

    • lol Patti
      No, I’m still doing needlework & my regular crafts. I’m trying to learn to use tools more efficiently. I’ve some crafts in mind to do that requires tools to accomplish. If I have any success I’ll post about it, Meanwhile, I’ll show off my cool tools. I’m like a kid and excited to have my own tools. lol 🙂


      • I have my very own screwdriver, so I know how good that feels. I’m sure you’ll be successful and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to.

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        • Thanks Patti
          Up until this past weekend my actual tools consisted of a wire cutter and needle-nose pliers. (I don’t consider my dremel and sculpting tools as regular tools, they’re too lightweight for practical use.) So I’m tickled pink to be getting these fancy more substantial ones.
          I hope I have something successful enough to share. 🙂


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