Hanging Around Watching Movies

One of the things I enjoy most about the Kindlefires and tablets is being able to watch movies pretty much anywhere. However, in the kitchen, watching the movie gets a little tough trying to cook or clean with it sitting on the counter or table.
I’ve been thinking about how to make my recipe holder hanger be able to hold a tablet too, but all my thoughts were too complicated and involved sewing and stuff. Then the other day, I came across a pant suit hanger in my closet. You know those cartoons where a lightbulb comes on over a person’s head when they have an epiphany… well, that was me.
joyideaBy hanging the tablet up with a hanger, it frees up counter space.
I can cook, clean or prepare food while enjoying a movie without having a tablet sitting in my way.

I made this post about the hanger-idea in case some other folks might like to use it.
If you use this idea or have thoughts on how to improve it or know of another way to hang a tablet, let me know I enjoy learning helpful things.
You can use a regular wire hanger for this, but I decided to use a pant suit hanger.
If the hooked part of the hanger is metal, you may want to wrap it in tape so it won’t scuff your door handles. Or you could make a pretty cover for it.
If your case for your tablet is made to fold over, open it and fold it through the hanger.
Since my hanger has clips on it, I decided to show it being double helpful by holding a recipe and my tablet both at the same time.
My Nextbook Ares 7 works great with this too.
I took my Kindlefire 8.9 in my utility room and hung it up and watched part of a movie while I did some laundry, then I carried it back into the kitchen to watch the rest of the movie while I cooked supper and washed dishes.




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