Wildlife Wednesday – Turkey

turkey0-IMG_7953We’ve been watching this Turkey hen visit our yard and garden. We hoped that we’d get to see a flock of poults soon.   She has her nest in the woods or field a few acres away.
IMG_8326Unfortunately, we discovered a broken wild turkey egg next to one of our day-lilies. Some critter stole it from the turkey nest and was so desperate to escape the flogging Mama that it kept running for many acres until it got to our yard to eat it.

We feel so sad for the turkey hen. She must be heartbroken to lose the precious egg. Bless her heart.

We’re hoping some of the other eggs survive, otherwise there may not be any poults after all.

The circle-of-life can be quite disheartening.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Turkey

  1. It’s sad and upsetting when we see things like this, but as we all know, nature can be cruel; it’s a matter of survival for every living creature. I hope she gets to nurture the eggs she has left.

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  2. I know what you mean. There are so many predators who eat the birds’ eggs, or toss them out of the nest to lay their own… It is hard to observe.

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  3. We see the same thing here every spring with the Canada Geese. Although I don’t really care for them, it’s sad when you see their little goslings following them around, and then slowly there’s less and less little ones. We don’t really know what happens to them, but they rarely live very long.

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