Fishing Lures & Fingernail Polish the New Paint

My Husband is a fisherman. He was in search of a spinner bait with a purple blade. He couldn’t find one in our area and decided to buy one with a shiny silver blade and paint the blade purple.1-fishSounds an easy enough task. He needed enough paint for only the one blade. In the old-days we would’ve bought a small bottle of model paint for him to use. However, in our modern times, model paint is sold at specialty stores not in our area. Buying a bottle of paint online wasn’t an option because of shipping.  Short of purchasing a large can of spray paint, the only other option was auto touch up paint. Seems a great idea, the touch up paint comes in little bottles and many colors. That option was nixed with the $15.00 price tag per little bottle.

Standing there in the auto department, I had an idea… What about fingernail polish? I posed this to my husband and he thought it might just work. So, we were off to the cosmetics department and found oodles of polish in every shade and sparkle under the sun. It took only a few minutes for my husband to find a perfect shade of purple and it was just a couple dollars for the bottle. Thankfully, it’s a brand I’m familiar with and am fairly sure of it’s quality and longevity. Cool! 2-fishpolishI took several coats over a couple of days. My husband says the color is perfect. He said, “It may even catch a big enough fish to win a tournament.”
The color is vibrant and shiny.  Thankfully, it has time to ‘cure out’ and for the layers to be dried and sealed before his next fishing trip. I’m curious to see how long it’ll hold up being cast oodles of times and many fish hits. 3fishSo, there you go, if you need only a bit of paint and don’t want to spend a fortune, try the fingernail polish department, You may find the perfect color at a better price.

Wishing you all a colorful day of sunshine & smiles.



12 thoughts on “Fishing Lures & Fingernail Polish the New Paint

    • Thanks Dianna
      I think he thinks maybe a bit of purple would make the lure look more appetizing and fishy swimming in the water. 🙂
      He’s not here or I’d ask him 😉


    • Thanks Laura
      Fingernail polish has always been my favorite paint for marking keys and things. I hope it works as well with fishing. 🙂


  1. I read somewhere that fishermen who use nail polish also use a clear nail polish with built in hardener to finish off. Some also use nail polish that is not supposed to chip.

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    • Hi Margie
      That’s a good idea on using the clear nail polish with a built in hardener to finish off. I hadn’t thought about it, but I bet that would work on clay sculpts as well. I may give that a try sometime. Thanks Margie. 🙂


  2. I’ve been wondering whether nail varnish would be good for colouring some clear glass eyes I’d bought! I use my hubby fishing line for whiskers! Fishing hubbies are great for crafters!

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    • Hi LWW
      Last year, I put fingernail polish on some of our keys to mark which key for what door. So far none of the polish has chipped off. I think the type of polish makes a difference. You could try it and see. I would.
      I agree, “Fishing hubbies are great for crafters!” . There’s some of the fishing supplies that are handy for many things. My husband rarely uses a full spool of line so I keep what he has left for my crafts. Cool! 🙂

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