Poached Egg In A Tomato

P1050612Saturday evening, I was home alone. My family was out doing their own thing. I didn’t want to make a large amount of food nor a big mess for supper. I thought about several foods and then I remembered my blogging buddy Sheryl posted a delicious looking  ‘Poached Egg In A Tomato’  recipe on her blog. I went to her blog and followed her easy directions and recipe.
I’m quite pleased with the results. I love that a hundred years ago this simple dish was made and enjoyed. Thank you Sheryl for sharing the recipe. It was a mighty tasty supper for me. 🙂


*To cover the ramkin, I didn’t have parchment paper per se, what I do have is a pan liner  that’s parchment on one side and aluminum foil on the other. It’s super slick and worked just fine.



8 thoughts on “Poached Egg In A Tomato

  1. Thanks for the nice mention of A Hundred Years Ago. I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe. Your pictures are awesome, and wonderfully show how to make the poached egg in a tomato.

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    • Thanks Patti
      Playing with my food is one of my favorite hobbies now. My husband says it’s because I watch too much of that cooking contest show ‘Chopped’ 😀

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