SheliBean hates pumpkin

P1050649I took this photo of Shelibean when he was relaxing after having a ruff (sic) day. He doesn’t do well with storms and it had stormed for better part of the day.

Sometimes being so upset causes Sheli to have an upset tummy. Pumpkin was always my first choice to settle a dog’s tummy… until Sheli… When Sheli was a puppy I’d try to get him to eat a little pumpkin to settle his tummy and he would have no part of it.

My husband and I discussed it and decided that since Sheli is now an adult dog, he may be more incline to eat pumpkin. I opened the can and dipped out a half teaspoon. My husband tried to give it to him, but Sheli physically turned his nose up at it and put it on ignore.
I tried to give some to him by taking little dabs of the canned pumpkin on my finger and letting him lick it off. That worked for about 1/4 teaspoon and then he refused to take another bite.

I was hopeful that since he’s not very big, that maybe the little bit he ate would help. Thankfully he didn’t have anymore tummy issues.

All the dogs we’ve had in decades past would eat pumpkin like it was sauteed steak.
I’m glad Sheli is a hardy boy and we haven’t had to worry too much about his health.

Does your pets like to eat pumpkin?
Do you use pumpkin for your pets tummy issues?

Wishing for all your pets to be healthy and happy.


4 thoughts on “SheliBean hates pumpkin

  1. Hi Southern By Design
    If a dog likes the taste, canned pumpkin is a good tummy soother. It has to be plain canned pumpkin not pie pumpkin.
    Also, freezing pumpkin in ice cube trays comes in handy to feed to the dog when needed.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.
    I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  2. I’ve never heard of pumpkin for tummy issues. Our dog used to like fresh veggies from the garden, so I imagine he’d have eaten pumpkin. Maybe Sheli is waiting for it to be baked in a pie. 😉

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    • Yes Patti, you know Sheli pretty well. I gave him a small bite of a muffin and he ate it all up and wanted more. I’m not sure what that says about him as a dog. lol
      Every dog we had before Sheli ate vegetables and loved pumpkin. Especially the plain pumpkin in a can. I’d freeze it in cubes for them. But Sheli is a special boy with finicky taste… maybe he’s a cat doing a pretty good imitation of a dog. 😀

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