November Tomato Update – a few left

p1100253Every week there’s a few more of the tomatoes ripening in the bag. When I see they’re almost ripe, I set them on the window sill so I can keep an eye on them.
Putting an  apple in the bag  with the tomatoes trick does work, but you need to keep checking them every couple days.
I can’t get over how pretty they are. I’ve only a few more November tomatoes left. It certainly has been fun having these volunteer tomatoes this late in the season.


10 thoughts on “November Tomato Update – a few left

    • Thanks Laura
      The Tomatoes taste really good.
      Thanks for liking the woven fabric, it’s one of my placemats that I made a few years ago with a Martha Stewart Loom. I wash the placemats in the washer like regular stuff and dry them in the dryer and they haven’t came apart yet.

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    • Thanks SalPal
      They taste really good.
      Just think, if it wasn’t for that volunteer tomato, I’d be tomato-less too.
      Fresh Carrots sound good. I agree, come on Spring! 😉

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        • Thanks Salpal
          That’s the most fun thing about volunteers, you never know for sure.
          We accidentally left a few tomatoes on the vine, but didn’t discover them until I took the covering off. We’d had so many freezes that they didn’t have a chance to ripen. They froze on the vine and died. The tomato vine was growing in with my tiger lilies, so it’s really better that it didn’t have a chance to seed-out.

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