1-10-11-2017 Weather Report – rainy

p1110049It’s 57° a cloudy gray rainy day today. The bird bath is full of rainwater instead of snow.

I decided to wait and do the weather report for the 10th day and 11th day together since both days were forecast to be the same warmer and rainy.

Only one more day and then I’ll have the first 12 days of the weather this year to compare the next 12 months too.

Here’s hoping this 11th day of 2017 is good one for you.


13 thoughts on “1-10-11-2017 Weather Report – rainy

    • Thanks Dianna
      I’m glad to hear it’s warmed and life can get back to normal. Snow is fun, but I know ya’ll are glad it’s gone. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. We had strong icy winds today and although the temperature is 2C the ‘wind-chill’ creates a real feel of -5C. It is very invigorating on the walks when wrapped up warm. Hope the weather treats you kindly 🌞

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  2. It is rainy (again) here as well. The poor chickens… they’ve not been happy the last couple of weeks, with all the rain and cold then snow and ice and now a bit warmer but raining again! Their enclosure, along with the rest of the yard, is quite squishy and muddy. We’re supplementing their diet with fresh leafy greens now of course, since what was growing naturally is gone right now. They sure get a kick out of kale! Danielle is a smarty, she learned the very first day we gave them some to stand on the leaf to hold it in place while she pecks at it. The rest of them haven’t figured it out yet/don’t care, they end up flinging the greens all over the place LOL.

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    • lol CW
      I hope it warms up and dries off soon for you all.
      Danielle sounds like a smart gal. It sounds a delight watching your chickens and their antics. Makes me smile just thinking about them. 😀


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