Brilliant Bunny Greg

This brilliant bunny rabbit is Greg. His human Mom has taught him to walk on a leash. She and her Grandma sometimes takes Greg to the park for a walk.
Greg’s human Mom has always amazed me with being wonderful with all animals. I suspect she’ll be a veterinarian someday.

When I heard about Greg walking on a leash, I wanted to post a photo of him on my blog. I was so happy that they shared these charming photos with me to share with you all.
I send happy heart-filled thanks to Greg’s Human Mom and her Grandma.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Brilliant Bunny Greg

  1. Sweet! I had a bunny that walked on a leash in our partially-fenced yard. I miss having a snuggly bunny. I’m glad Greg has a loving family to care for him.

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    • Aw Patti, that’s so sweet.
      I’d never heard of walking a bunny before Greg.
      Your bunny sounds like it was a sweetheart and made many good memories with you. 🙂

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