Next Mixed Medium Project

It makes me happy to plan a new craft and gather my supplies. Perhaps that’s why I have so many projects going at once. I’m planning this mixed medium project to work on. I hope to have it finished soon.

What’s your ‘next craft’ plans on this last day of March.

Wishing you all happy weekend whatever your plans.



11 thoughts on “Next Mixed Medium Project

  1. If I ever finish my current project, I am going to make an apron…been needing one forever so long. You left no clues as to what this project is…:~) Happy weekend, and happy crafting!

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    • Hi Mary
      Well, my project is in the early stage of planning. I haven’t committed to what exactly the look of it will be. If everything turns out okay, it’ll be a bit of wall decor.
      I hope you’ll post photos of your apron when you get it made. I love seeing your creations.
      Happy crafting to you too. 🙂


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