No-Filter Friday – Peony

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend!

CherryWillow’s ‘No-Filter Friday’; post a photo on Friday that you’ve taken that has only ‘sizing and adding a copyright’ being the only editing/filtering done to it.

2 thoughts on “No-Filter Friday – Peony

  1. E.C., I have had to do some catching up here… The only hummingbirds I am seeing are males. I am wondering where the females are; possibly in the honeysuckle thickets. Yardening ~ I like that term! Your veggies are coming along wonderfully ~ way ahead of mine. We are enjoying fresh lettuces from our gardern ~ so much better than the imported varieties. And, finally, it will be interesting to watch for the hatching of the turtle egg. I am surprised that there was only one. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are bracing for heavy, heavy rain!

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    • Thanks Mary,
      I’m with you, it feels like I get behind with blogging every week. You’re fine though. Blogging is supposed to be fun and enjoyed when time allows.
      We’ve seen one female hummingbird… but it may have been a young male. I’m thinking it was since males are all that’s here so far. You may be right about the females. I figure the females will be joining the males at your feeders before you know it.
      I’m glad you like ‘yardening’, it’s a fun way of describing all outside doings with one word.
      You’re so lucky to be getting lettuces already. Sounds mighty tasty. I’m going to pick some chard soon (if I can before the deer gets to it).
      There might have been more turtle eggs and something could have eaten them or the turtle buried them further in the flower bed. I dug only in the one spot and stopped as soon as I saw the egg. I hope it hatches too.
      I hope the rains come down in friendly fashion in your area. Take care and stay dry and have a pleasant weekend.


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