1st squash harvest – potato bucket update

We got our first harvest of squash yesterday. We harvested some other veggies to go along with the squash for a stir fry.

My squash plants are big and beautiful at the moment. The corn is growing tall and strong. The beans, well, they’re pretty much just rabbit food as you can kind of tell from the plants in front of the squash.All-in-all, everything in the garden is growing well except for the beans.My potato buckets are looking really good. I’m not putting anymore soil in the buckets. I think they’re full enough. I have high hopes of at least one potato bucket producing at least one potato. I hope they bloom soon…

Wishing you all happy days for the rest of the week!




10 thoughts on “1st squash harvest – potato bucket update

  1. a lovely healthy harvest! Our green beans aren’t doing anything this year either, strangely enough, although the “pois gourmands” are good. We harvested our first potatoes yesterday, just enough for a meal for two.

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    • Thanks Claire,
      It sounds like we’re all having a bad bean year. It’s great your snap peas are doing well. They’re a mighty tasty veggie to have. Congratulations on harvesting your first potatoes. New potatoes have such a wonderful taste to them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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