Screech and a bit of decorating

I had planned to post today about a project that I’ve been working on for a few days. Unfortunately, it was a flop and not suitable for posting about… and left me without a blog-postless.
However, Here’s a handsome photo of Screech for you to see and maybe-not feel so much like your visit to my blog was a total waste.

We started doing a bit of
the old holiday decorating.
It’s early, but we enjoy it.
We’re just two old silly-hearts.

Have a great week.


6 thoughts on “Screech and a bit of decorating

    • Thanks so much Anita
      We enjoy early decorating and not waiting til the last minute. Plus it makes us happy.
      I agree Screech is a handsome fellow. I’m so glad he still visits us.

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  1. I think the decorations look lovely! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, but since my move I don’t have anything to put up. I have a tree, but no lights or bulbs to put on it or anything. I am hoping maybe after Christmas I can have a little money set aside to buy decorations on clearance so that next year I can decorate.


    • Thanks so much CW
      We bought most of our stuff during after-Christmas sales or at the ‘Dollar Tree’ and the rest of the stuff is homemade. My sis and I was talking yesterday about how we love homemade decor the best. The homemade decor has more of a special charm and cheerful-feel for the holidays. I figure with your talents that you could knit, crochet, sculpt, bake, craft or fashion decor that would surpass any store bought stuff. 😀


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