8 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Squirrel

    • Thanks CW
      I do know what you mean about city-squirrels being fidgety. We lived in the city for quite a few years. That was before digital cameras and film was too pricey to take multiple photos trying for a good shot. I took 8 photos of this squirrel before my contrary camera would focus in on it. This was the 8th one and the only focused one of the squirrel. I feel lucky I got it before the squirrel darted away. I agree, the squirrel is a cutie. 😀


  1. Aw! Squirrels are the perfect subjects for Wednesdays. I was admiring the nice long tail on one in our yard this week, and yours appears to have one just like it. This one looks to be in good health, so you must be taking good care of it.

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    • Thanks so much Patti
      Your squirrel photos are charming and always a joy to see. I love squirrels, they’re such cheerful critters always innocently clowning around.
      The squirrels spend a great deal of time storing and foraging. The other day we watched one dig up a walnut in our small Sweet William flower bed. Hopefully they’ve stored enough away for winter. 😀


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