Gardening on the wings of a dove

I’ve decided to keep my gardening news down to a minimal. I realize that my gardening post can get monotonous year-after-year.  I plan to hit the highlights or whenever I’m particularly feeling the gardening-posting spirit.

Here is the USA, for a good part of this year, there’s been a health warning out about Romaine lettuce.
I understand that label reading to make sure of the vegetables origin hopefully helps make a safer choice.

However, We’ve decided not to chance our mis-reading a label and have decided to grow our own lettuce.
I planted the lettuce seeds in my herb bed since it’s full of bought garden soil that grows stuff alot better. I lightly broadcasted the seeds in the back half of my herb bed. I planned to thin them as they grow.

There’s been a sprinkle rain or two since I planted them. My husband has watered the area a time or two. I’ve been waiting for the first show of little greens.

I looked out the window and saw a couple doves bathing in the birdbaths in my herb bed. I grabbed my camera and got a few photos of one of the doves. Not perfect, but nice enough. 

Then the dove flew…. The dove flew down to my herb bed, joining a second dove…
And together they had a field day in my lettuce patch…Ah yes… such is the circle-of-life… where even well meaning healthy choices help to make for a food source for the fauna.

Our vegetable garden has become a buffet for the deer. It’s not been but a couple weeks since we planted the garden. The chard is gone and most of the tomato plants. We’re planning on replanting soon.We try-not too don’t get upset with the fauna that takes advantage of our gardening. We’ll probably put up some deterents, but that’s about it. I don’t see that this year’s gardening is going to be very successful and then again it might. It’s still early in the season.

Thankfully, we really enjoy seeing the wildlife.

Wishing you all enjoyment in gardening and
watching the wildlife that enjoys your gardening too.


8 thoughts on “Gardening on the wings of a dove

  1. Oh, I can definitely relate…..not to the vegetable side, since I don’t plant any of those. But finally this year, I put up netting over my garden phlox (and raised it higher as the foliage grew) AND pretty soon, they should be budding. Now….if the deer just don’t figure out how to get in/under/over/through that netting! Good luck with your gardening this year.

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    • Thanks so much Anita
      We love the wildlife and don’t mind sharing. We figure it’ll be like most years where after awhile the wildlife gives our garden a break long enough to harvest some veggies. 🙂

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  2. I think I would be willing to sacrifice my veg for the joys of seeing the wildlife in the garden. We used to see lots of squirrels and field and harvest mice but now so many more houses and so much less wildlife. We still get the birds thank goodness and as I sit here typing with the window open at 9pm the birds are still singing so loudly.

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    • Thanks so much SG
      It’s sad when wildlife suffers in the wake of neighborhoods being built. Birds are a resilient lot and are such a blessing to see and enjoy. The song birds make a day so much more joyful. I’m glad that you can enjoy their song while typing. I think that’d be a great way to blog. 🙂

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