Wildflower Wednesday – 2018 Blackberry Winter Not so much – a few species of wildflowers

It’s that special time of year for blackberry winter. The blackberries are blooming & thunderstorms are threatening, but strangely the temperatures are unseasonably warm and pleasant.
I’m not complaining about the warm temperatures, but it’s a bit out-of-whack with the blooming season.

Blackberry Blooms

Oxeye Daisy

Poplar tree bloom bud and bloom.

Summer Bluet

Alfalfa Lupulina



Wildflowers certainly cheer up the landscape.
Hope you all have a cheerful rest of the week.


4 thoughts on “Wildflower Wednesday – 2018 Blackberry Winter Not so much – a few species of wildflowers

  1. It’s a good year for the honeysuckle. The air is full of its sweetness. The hummingbirds must think they are in heaven. I also noted that we didn’t really have a “blackberry winter” this year. I am mulling over what that might mean for the summer.

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    • I agree Mary. I wonder how the missing “blackberry winter” might effect everything. Hopefully, since the winter was long and we got snow in mid April, maybe that’ll help.
      The hummingbirds visiting our feeder are few and far between since the honeysuckle bloomed. We figure they’re feeding on the honeysuckle. This year the honeysuckle is growing thick and climbing tall. You’re right it’s a good year for it and the air is full of sweetness. It’s very soothing and refreshing. 🙂


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