1st Lettuce 1st Squash

I’m happy that I finally got a small harvest of romaine lettuce. I have different ages of the lettuce growing. I had to replant them because of two lovely doves eating the seeds. That worked out well because I don’t have to worry about harvesting and storing the lettuce. So I guess I owe the doves a thank you. 🙂 I harvested my first squash. I’m looking forward to cooking them up in a stir fry with this fresh mess of green onions.We haven’t had enough rain to make our garden flourish. If the rain would come for more than a passing shower, we’d be covered in squash.

I hope all your gardens
whether vegetable and/or flower
produce a bounty of goodness for you.


8 thoughts on “1st Lettuce 1st Squash

  1. I could make a meal of squash and lettuce. The iceberg lettuce I planted in Feb. is long gone and we are wishing for me. Your rains sound like ours…just a passing shower. I so look forward to a day when rain just settles in to stay awhile.

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    • Thanks so much Mary
      I agree. Squash and lettuce is a delicious meal. We’ve had a couple more showers and the squash plant managed to produce a half dozen more nice size squash. We’re enjoying them in stir fries. 😀


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