cucumbers – acorn squash

We finally got a mess of cucumbers, all-be-it they are rather dinky ones, but they are cucumbers none-the-less. Until recently, the deer kept the vines eaten back. We’ve kept an eye on the vines and as soon as these little ones plumped out, we picked them. Fresh cucumbers are a tasty side dish, in salads, a snack or even a sandwich.

The evil demon squash vine borers murdered my acorn squash vines and forced me to harvest them.
According to the information I’ve read, these acorn squash are ripe. I’m amazed since they should have had another month to go. However, I’m letting them set on the coounter awhile before I attempt to cook one. These are winter squash, so letting them set shouldn’t harm them.


I hope you all have a great week.






12 thoughts on “cucumbers – acorn squash

  1. I’m glad to see that you are getting fruits for your labors. Actually I wanted to say what salpal1 said, for “farming and gardening are tough.” Not for the faint-hearted, to say the least. My tomatoes are doing poorly this year. First it was the tomato horn worms, then stink bugs. I have almost given up on the squash, but the okra is doing well.

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    • Thanks so much Mary,
      I agree. The struggles of farming and gardening is truly not for the faint-hearted. We’re just thankful to get enough veggies to maturity to enjoy for the season this year. Sounds like the pests are hitting your garden hard. I hope you can get a few messes of veggies though.
      Okra plants are almost like a tropical forest with their big leaves and beautiful blooms. And getting to eat the fruits of that tropical forest, makes it extra enjoyable. I don’t like the itchies of them though. 😉


  2. I always love the fresh produce that ripens this time of year. I haven’t had any acorn squash yet this year, but hope to have some soon.


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