The Corn Critter

The other day, while sitting on the back porch enjoying the first cooler temperatures of the season in a month, my husband says, “There’s something moving a corn-stalk in the garden.” We watched the jiggling corn-stalk for a moment then he grabbed the binoculars and I grabbed my camera. We went out into the yard got a good angle on the garden and this is what we saw. Thank goodness for a zoom lens.Isn’t it adorable?
Every year we see signs of raccoons in our corn, but this cutie critter is the first time we actually seen a one in our corn. We got a good chuckle at seeing it. I’m glad I got a few photos of it too. It’s my first raccoon photos ever.

Since the corn wasn’t as tasty this year, we decided to leave the bulk of it in the garden for the critters. Later on, after the stalks turn brown and dry out, we’ll pick any corn ears left. We’ll shell the corn and scatter it on the ground for the critters that forage and eats the hard corn kernels.

Wishing you all a week full of smiles.



15 thoughts on “The Corn Critter

  1. So cute! I love that you and your husband utilize your garden in a way that benefits not just you but the critters as well. Many people who have gardens do not do that, and I feel like it is important to do things just the way you do. I plan to do the same when I have a nice home in the country with suitable land for gardening. 😊

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    • Aw Thanks So Much CW
      You made my day! I’m honored that you’re inspired by our ways of gardening and dealing with the wildlife. We feel it’s important to share our garden with the wildlife when we can, especially with the all the houses in the area taking up their habitat. I know your home in the country will be an oasis for wildlife and humans alike, with all the charm of a storybook cottage. 🙂


  2. He is cute; however, these little critters can be very devastating to a garden that may be a food source for a family. I’ve seen them tear up rows of corn, and I’ve had them eat my cantaloupes. The same with deer; they’ll wait until peas are just ready to harvest, then come in and wipe out the whole crop overnight. I guess I’m not very kind when it comes to “critters”. But, if your corn wasn’t good enough for you to eat, then more power to the critter. lol

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    • Thanks so much Charlotte,
      I understand what you mean. Wildlife can certainly be a destructive force if not well monitored and controlled. Sure it’s frustrating sometimes, like this year the deer and rabbits wiped out our chard and beans, turkeys ate the squash seedlings, we replanted 3 times and gave up on the beans and chard. Thankfully, the turkey stayed away long enough for my last planting of squash seeds to come up and grow. If we truly wanted to keep the critters out, we’d put up a fence around the garden. I thank the good Lord above that we’re at a point in our life where our garden isn’t our mainstay of food resources. Out here in suburbia, it’s sad to see how hard the wildlife tries to survive in the shrinking woodlands and fields, so we try to do what we can for them. We really enjoy watching the wildlife too, especially when they pause at the right time for a photo opt for my blog. 😉

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  3. Great photo! The raccoons are my favorite little wild critters around here. We feed them year round for sometimes the pickings are mighty slim for them here in the Ozarks. We do, however, put a shocking wire around our corn patch for they can do a lot of damage in just one night. But, I love them still!

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    • Thanks So Much Mary,
      The wildlife needs all the help it can get. It’s great you feed them year round, I know they’re happy to have a consistence food source in lean times. Bless their fuzzy little hearts.
      I’m glad you mentioned the shocking wire. After I commented to Charlotte about putting up a fence around the garden to stop the wildlife, I realized that a raccoon could scale a fence. I couldn’t figure out how one would manage to stop it. A shocking fence would definitely be the way to do it. Thanks for that helpful hint.
      I think raccoons are so cute. I love them too. I wish we could have seen them in years past, but they were never out in the daylight. I’m glad this one showed itself. It makes me smile every time I look at this photo. 🙂


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