New Year and Christmas Thoughts – Card display

It was a dreary New Year’s day yesterday. The sun tried real hard to shine dimly through the thinner clouds. The temperature was quite nice, it was around 59°F.

For New Year’s dinner we had black eyed peas with ham, boiled cabbage, homemade chicken strips and corn bread followed by a slice of my homemade pumpkin pie.
I began making and baking my pumpkin pie around the midnight hour New Year’s Eve and it was still in the oven when the New Year rang in.
I’m considering ‘making a new year pie during the midnight hour’ a tradition. It would help me stay awake to ring in the new year. I hope I can remember it for next year. We shall see.

Here’s a few photos from Christmas 2018.
I managed to convince Sheli Bean to wear his Santa hat/vest long enough to get some photos of him. Then he delighted in taking the thing off and shaking it like he was trying to kill it. 😀

Our Grandson and SheliBean found a rare winter sun puddle to enjoy.

People don’t send out Christmas cards much anymore. We send out only about a half dozen. How to display the cards folks give us has always been an issue. This year, I had a brain storm and decided to hang a small cork board up to hang the cards on. I didn’t decorate the cork board much, but I’m happy with it. I plan to make this method of card display a part of our Christmas decor from now on.

Now back to today:
Do you still heve your holiday decorations up? We still have our tree up and all the decor. We’ll keep it up for a bit longer or until the mood hits to store it for the year. Fortunately, our livingroom is large enough that our Christmas tree and stuff doesn’t get in the way of normal living.

I hope you all rang in the New Year safely with happiness and smiles.
I’m wishing you all a year full of joy and success!



10 thoughts on “New Year and Christmas Thoughts – Card display

  1. Awake at midnight? I am impressed! We don’t even try anymore. I was always falling asleep on the couch at about 11, waking up at 1, having missed all the hoopla. For pie, though, I might have stayed awake.

    I didn’t do many cards this year, though I usually do, and plan to again next year. I like to make them, and wasn’t inspired. Sigh. Perhaps as a result, we got fewer cards this year as well. I have a wire wreath shaped thing that holds them nicely, and I also have a string with tiny clothes pins that I use if there is over flow. Both are pretty.

    Our tree is down (it was a fresh cut tree, and it was time), but the rest of the decorations are up, and I hope will remain so for a few more weeks. I would leave the candles in the window all winter if I didn’t live with someone who can’t stand it. But they will stay up until February, I would guess.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the season, and have a wonderful 2019!

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    • Thanks so much SalPal
      We never went in for the hoopla. We usually stay awake til midnight and then go to bed right after. However, I figure I’d shake things up a bit with the pie. lol
      The wire wreath for a card holder sounds charming. I used to have a string with tiny clothes pins. It worked great when we were getting oodles of cards, but in the past few years it just looked sad.
      Fresh cut trees smell so lovely and make for a more festive air in a home. I agree with taking them down, after they’ve past their prime, to be safe. I like having the decorations up past January 1st for a few days.
      I hope you have a wonderful 2019 too.

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  2. Happy New Year, E.C.! An ingenious idea to bake a pie to ring in the new year. I had little problem staying awake till midnight this time, but I might just add enjoyable processes like this to my list for next time.
    I like the cork board display, though you’re right about the cards dwindling.
    Your Christmas tree is beautiful, and Shellibean is as cute as ever. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Anita
      You say the nicest things. Thanks so much for all the compliments. Shelibean says thank you.
      A new year pie would be worth staying awake for and it’s make your home smell wonderful.
      I hope your year will be filled with happiness. 🙂

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  3. Happy New Year, E.C.! I usually do not even try to stay up till midnight. It was an easy thing to do when I was younger but as I have gotten older it is more difficult. Where I live now it makes little difference as I’ll be awake at midnight no matter what – there is so much noise I get woken up and know it is the new year. The noise continues for at least an hour too so it is a wonderful disruption to my night of sleep. At least this year I had new years day off work so not getting much sleep was not an issue.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I know what you mean about it being easier to ring in the new year when you were younger. I feel the same way. That’s why this year, I gave myself something to do to pass the time and keep me awake. Plus, the pie was a delicious dessert to enjoy after our New Year Dinner.
      Bless your heart. You can’t catch a break. I hope one year soon you’ll be able to have a home in the country and will have more peace in your life.
      A day off to sleep in is always a blessing.
      I wish you a year of happiness and joy.


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