Blooming Mini Daffodils

My mini daffodils are blooming. They’re a fun sign of Spring. I was hoping to get a pretty picture of them in the sunshine. Unfortunately, the rain has set in and the sun is hidden behind a canopy of gray clouds. Fortunately, daffodils are bright yellow and they show fairly well in a photo anyway.
I could have picked a few, brought them inside, and tried to take some better photos. I just didn’t have the heart to pick them. To me, they’re out there trying so hard to cheer up the winter world. I leave them to grow and bloom and glow with hope for warmer days to come.

Here’s wishing you all warm temps and signs of Spring.



18 thoughts on “Blooming Mini Daffodils

  1. I don’t have mini ones, but my regular sized ones are just about ready to bloom! We’ve had a fairly mild winter SO FAR, but the heaviest snow I ever recall was March 1-2 in 1980. Hoping for an early spring. That’s sweet that you left them to cheer up the world!

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    • Thanks so much Dianna,
      We’ve had a fairly mild winter too. But like you I recall our worst winter was March 15, 1993. It was the deepest snow I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, we’re headed for warm weather and Spring without any surprise snow and bitter cold. 😀


  2. What a cheery sight they are. Our Daffodils are not in bloom yet – but the Chrismas Rose Heleborus are in bloom and will remain flowering all through the snow and frosts. Flowers are heart lifting don’t you think.

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    • Thanks so much Hettyanddaisy,
      Chrismas Rose Heleborus blooming through snow and frosts sounds magical. I agree, truly flowers are heart lifting. 🙂


    • Thanks so much Ginny,
      Spring is a joyous time of year, Watching the world wake up and burst into brilliant color and new life. Like you, I can hardly wait for Spring to arrive. 😀

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