Lilies & Zinnias – low maintenance lovelies

We’ve spent quite a lot of time outside enjoying the colors of Summer. I never tire of seeing the flowers in bloom. Right now the lilies and zinnias are making a show. I’ve kept my camera busy. For me, the fun things about my lilies and zinnias are that the lilies are perennial and require very little maintenance and the zinnias are all volunteers from last year’s zinnias and require no/low maintenance as well. Pretty neat 😀

Wishing everyone a beautiful week!




6 thoughts on “Lilies & Zinnias – low maintenance lovelies

  1. I tried to grow zinnias this year, but they didn’t make it…I do have some morning glories and tiny marigolds….maybe I will get flowers by September! Yours are just breathtaking. I love the different colors on your daylilies…mine are all orange.

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    • Thanks so much Kathy,
      It’s a shame about your zinnias not surviving. Morning glories and marigolds are quite charming. I plant them every year and are sad to see them die out each autumn. I love the variety of colors in lilies. I have more dark yellow and orange ones than the color ones. Their colorful blooms really cheer up the yard. 🙂

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