WildLife Wednesday – The Guilt Feeder

We decided not to hang hummingbird feeders up this year. Then, the other day, whilst we sat on the back porch enjoying a nice early evening breeze, a female Ruby Throated hummingbird flew in and hovered in the exact spot that we hung the feeders in years past.
Seeing the angelic beauty searching for food, made us feel guilty that we hadn’t hung a feeder out yet. So, we went in the house and got the feeder out of storage. My husband fixed a batch of sugar water and then filled the feeder. We went outside and he hung it up. It didn’t take the hummingbird but a few minutes to be on it feeding.
In the following days, there were more hummers visiting the feeders. They buzz and chitter and tease each other. They’re such fun to watch. It’s also fun to see how the feeder looks at different angles; the first photo is my view sitting on the porch looking up at the sky, this second feeder photo is my view of the same feeder from my kitchen window.

Wishing you all an angelic Wednesday!


*hummingbird animation ©joysofcreating





18 thoughts on “WildLife Wednesday – The Guilt Feeder

  1. Birds get to know us and have a way of communicating.

    I woke up one morning to the sound of one of the blackbirds in our garden shouting and creating. I looked out of the window to investigate and a cat was trying to get at his nest. I launched myself out of the house (half-naked) screaming at the cat. I don’t know who was more surprised, the cat or the neighbours. Either way, the blackbird stopped squawking once I appeared, and returned to his nest.

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    • Wow Pip
      I love cats, but their taste for birds is an issue. It’s amazing how modesty flies out the window when we dash to try and help a critter in distress. I think the black bird new she could depend on you to help save her nest.Way to go Pip! 🙂


    • Thanks so much Anita,
      I agree with you and I like the way you put that: “unintentional emotional blackmailer” 😀
      I’m glad you like my hummingbird animation. It’s one of my favorites that I made years ago. I used to sit for hours and spend days making graphics and animating them for my ex-website and ex-ecard shop. 🙂

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      • That’s wonderful, E.C.! I try my hand at graphics now and then, and it’s a lot of work but a lot of fun too, isn’t it? I’m no expert though, and mine are definitely nowhere as good as yours. 😉 I really like your hummingbird one.

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        • Thanks Anita,
          I figure with your creative talents, with practice, you could master graphics and create some wonderful animations too. I hope you’ll try making graphics again some day. 🙂

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    • Thanks Ginny,
      Blue Jay, they are pretty, but they can be such bullies. We usually put out hummingbird feeders around mid April. But we really wasn’t wanting to mess with them this year. I’m glad the hummingbird came up, we really do enjoy watching the angelic pretties flitting about. 🙂

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  2. Your hummers are well trained! We put up a feeder and the birds ignored it. I think they were happier with the flowers that bloom in our yard.

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    • Thanks Margy,
      We think the hummers have fed at the spot for so many years, that they naturally come back to it or their offspring does. If I were a hummer I think I would prefer the flowers too. 😀


  3. I am so glad you saw the bird searching! They do learn the good feeding spots. We put ours up in mid-May, and I think we were late as it was used immediately. I was glad to do so, though. With the cold wet spring, there was nothing blooming then. Now there is a lot blooming, and the feeder traffic has slowed down.

    I love your photos and your animation! Both are beautiful !

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    • Thanks SalPal
      I agree, I believe birds/critters remember good feeding spots. I’m glad you put up a feeder. It’s a blessing to the hummers what with the flowers blooming so late this year.
      Thanks so much for the compliments on my photos and animation. It’s hard for me to get a good picture of the fast moving hummers. This is one of my favorite animations I made many years ago for an ex-website and ecard site I owned. I used to love to create animations and cards for it. 🙂

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