Nostalgia For Stories while Breaking Beans

In my youth, I considered breaking beans to be an enjoyable chore. I felt so grown up helping to break the beans for canning while spending time with my Mom. Now, I consider breaking beans an enjoyable nostalgic activity.
I watch documentaries while doing any sort of lengthy food prep like breaking beans. I some times wonder why it is that I prefer to watch a documentary instead of a regular movie.
Perhaps, it’s because when I was growing up and I’d help my Mom break beans, shuck corn, peel peaches or any one of many time consuming chores, she would tell stories that ran the gamut from silly to serious. The stories helped to pass the time and made the chore more enjoyable. I feel blessed and so very thankful to have these wonderful memories of my Mom.
A documentary is more personal than a movie, it’s like folks sitting around sharing stories of their experiences and thoughts. I suppose watching a documentary while breaking beans is my feeble way to relive a tiny bit of the special story telling moments from my youth.

Wishing you all many happy moments this week.





12 thoughts on “Nostalgia For Stories while Breaking Beans

  1. That’s a beautiful connection to the past dear E.C. 💜 I love how your mum used to tell stories while breaking the beans and I wonder how many generations before her did the same thing 🙂💖 xxx

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    • Thanks so much WW,
      i enjoy thinking about the previous generations sitting around some by fire light, later on some by lantern, all the way up through the centuries to our modern technology. It’s Pretty cool to think about. 🙂

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