6-27-2019 Computer issue update

I don’t think it’s my laptop on the verge of crashing… (although it could happen) I backed up all my files just to be safe.
I thought it strange that my issues mostly happened when I was trying to blog. It finally occurred to me to try a different browser.
So, I’m pretty sure that there’s conflict between Microsoft Edge browser and WordPress.
I switched browser and am able to blog at the moment, though it’s slower going than it should be.

Wishing you all a issue-free rest of the week!




6 thoughts on “6-27-2019 Computer issue update

  1. We’ve had similar issues when we started using the Gutenberg editor for blogging. This seems to work best with Chrome as the browser, even though it’s a bit slower. Here’s hoping everything will work fine now that you’ve switched browser and we wish you a blessed weekend E.C. 🤗💖 xxx

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    • Thanks so much WW,
      I’m trying the Chrome right now. The pages loaded and I got to post without much trouble, but scrolling isn’t smooth.
      Thanks for the heads up on Chrome. 🙂

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