10-25-2019 Update Country Apples Afghan (5)

A few weeks ago, our area got its first frost of the season. Since then the temperatures have been on an uneven cooling spree. Some days are warm and other days are quite chilly. It gets down to almost freezing during the night. Cool weather puts me in the mood to do puzzles. Since my Country Apple Afghan granny squares are made and putting them together is kind of like a puzzle, I decided to put it together.

It took a couple weeks, but I’ve got the blocks and the borders made and ready to be joined together.

I like this pattern. I’m not fond of all the yarn-ends that have to be woven in, but hey it’s one of those necessary aggravations that come with yarn crafts.
I think this afghan is going to look pretty when it’s all joined and finished.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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22 thoughts on “10-25-2019 Update Country Apples Afghan (5)

    • Thanks so much Ginny,
      It’s taken me longer than I’d hoped. But I kind of like going at it at a steady pace instead of rushing through it. I hope to have it all together before the first of the year. 😀

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    • Thanks so much WW,
      It’s been an enjoyable, but slow, so far. I hope putting the borders and panels together goes fast and I can get it done by the first of the year. 😀

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  1. The pieces look wonderful, E.C.! You’re tantalizingly close to a finish – I just can’t wait to see how it turns out. Hope you stay warm in the fluctuating weather.

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    • Thanks so much H&D,
      Frosty green is one of my favorite colors too. I think it compliments the piece quite well. I hope to have my blanket finished before the first of the year. Hopefully sooner. 🙂


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