2021-2nd garden update – strange bug – sweet potato vines

This is a first for us, in our garden we saw this strange bug like creature. It favors the wee pillbugs that live around here, but it’s much too large for one of them. I think it might be some kind of millipede, but it’s awfully short for the ones we’ve seen in this area.
This many legged creature is over an inch long. I took a photo of it beside a plastic golf ball. I didn’t dare touch it, even though it was laying still and may have been deceased. I feared it was napping and if I disturbed it, it might wake up in a bad mood. I thought about scooping it up in a jar, but I think that’s cruel, so I left it where it lay.

In my 1st 2021 garden update, I was asked about first frost on the potatoes and the sweet potato vines.
Our first frost isn’t due for a few weeks. The ground doesn’t usually get cold enough during the first frost to harm the potato sets under the ground. I will cover any potato plants that break the ground and intended to cover the sweet potato vines when there is a frost warning… however…I won’t get a chance to get that far with the sweet potato vines. As it turns out, the vines are a mighty tasty snack for deer. So, this probably ends my sweet potato experiment…

Have you started gardening yet?
I wish you much success with your gardens?



6 thoughts on “2021-2nd garden update – strange bug – sweet potato vines

  1. That’s quite the bug! Sorry about the sweet potatoes! Our garlic is just now sprouting, and still no sign of the peas or asparagus. The sprouts indoors seem to be doing well. Next week is Easter so we will plant the potatoes then and I’ll start some more seeds indoors, and maybe some lettuce and spinach outside.

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    • Thanks so much Kathy,
      We’re not terribly broken up about the sweet potatoes. It was a fun experiment.
      We’ve never tried growing garlic, but we do enjoy our green onions.
      Part of the joy of gardening is watching and waiting and seeing the first wee bit of green break the soil, whether it’s in the garden or in a flat. I love it!
      We’ve never had much success with lettuce and spinach. We do enjoy them though. Thank goodness for the produce section. Although homegrown would be ever so much tastier.
      I wish you much success this gardening season. 😀


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