2021-1st garden update – Onions, Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

Spring has brought some wonderful weather.
We’ve began our gardening season.
I’m still using my Blue Jean Water Tote
that I made back in 2014. It’s held up really well.

I got two slips off the sweet potato vine.
Hopefully they’ll produce a sweet potato or two.
Happy Gardening Season!



10 thoughts on “2021-1st garden update – Onions, Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

  1. Happy gardening! We have planted peas and have flats started (indoors) with cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, peppers and tomatoes. I need to get the parsnips and Brussels sprouts started and sweet potatoes under a light so they sprout.

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    • Happy Gardening to you too Kathy,
      It sounds like you’re off to a good start . Such a delicious collection of vegetables you have there. I wish you great success.
      Unfortunately, My sweet potato vines have become deer snacks. My next post is about it. :/

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  2. Your frost date must be well past, and the ground really warm for the sweet potatoes to go in already! Regular potatoes can be planted here now, although last year they were blackened by a late May freeze, but sweet potatoes are much more tender. Best of luck!

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    • Thanks Carolee,
      Our frost date isn’t due for a few weeks. The ground usually doesn’t get cold enough to harm potato sets in the ground. However, if we have any plants come up, I’ll cover them during the frost.
      I wish you great gardening success.
      Unfortunately, My sweet potato vines have become deer snacks. My next post is about it. :/

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  3. I always love seeing your garden, E.C.! I live vicariously through your gardening adventures until the day I can move to the country and have my own garden. The pollening has begun here which is no fun for my allergies and it is only going to get worse before it gets better but I do love the way the trees are budding and there are violets popping up all over my yard. Among tons of weeds and I’m going to need to get in touch with my lawn guy to see if he can come mow soon. Already. 😶 I’m heading to work and have to work all weekend too. I hope you have a lovely day and weekend ahead my friend!

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    • Hi there CW,
      Thanks so much, You made me smile. I keep wishing the best for you and hoping I’ll see a post on your blog that you’ve sold your home and moved to the country. But until then, I’m happy to visit with you here and share my adventures and misadventures in gardening.
      I’m there with you on the allergies. It’s an aggravating draw-back to the world waking up and coming alive again.
      I’m glad you have trees and violets in your yard, at least that’s a welcomed part of nature in you and your girls life. I bet some days, it’s helps to keep you going.
      I hope you have enjoyable time with your girls in your time home between shifts. Take care my friend. 🙂

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