Baking Peanut Butter Cookies

Recently, my husband and I both had a craving for peanut butter cookies. However, not just any peanut butter cookies would do. We wanted some that had the taste and texture of the ones we bought many years ago while on a trip several hundreds-of miles away.
Not wanting to trek halfway across the states to buy some peanut butter cookies, I decided to start trying to make our own. I bought a couple packs of peanut butter cookie mix of a familiar and trusted brand.
I got my supplies together and made the cookies.
I haven’t baked cookies in quite a long time. Even with the mix and easy directions, I figured I’d mess them up.
Oh dear, the cookies turned out ever so tasty and the texture was perfect. My husband and I really enjoyed them. They were just as tasty on the second day when only 2 cookies were left to enjoy. (And this is the reason I don’t bake cookies much anymore. lol)

I wonder if the cookies years ago were as tasty as I remember or if it’s just my happy thoughts of a pleasant place in time.
I would have made cookies from scratch, but I’ve don’t have the same level of confidence in my skills at cookie baking from scratch as I did 30 or so years ago when my son was a child.
These peanut butter cookies are as close as I’m going to get to the ones from years ago. I’ll happily make them again!

Have you ever tried to recreate a tasty food from a memory of a place far away and long ago?

Here’s wishing you all success in making your favorite foodies from mix or scratch.


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