Diamond Painting and Daffodils

I’ve a new diamond painting to work on. I’m hoping it’ll turn out well. I really enjoy getting in to the ‘zone’ of placing the dots 1 or more at a time. It’s mindless work, to be sure, but quite relaxing on the brain.

It’s that special time of year. The daffodils have broken the soil and are on their way to growing and blooming into the first colors of the new year.
However, it also means that the old wives-tale is on our minds… and we’re hoping that if the ‘snow lays once on the daffodils’, it’ll be a light one.

I hope this first month of the year is being kind to you all.
Happy Crafting!



12 thoughts on “Diamond Painting and Daffodils

    • Thanks so much Colleen,
      Thankfully, it’s been mild temps here too, here lately, but I fear we’re headed for some colder weather soon. Like you, I hope this mild winter weather doesn’t turn into a snowy Spring.
      This is a ‘Diamond Painting Kit’ In my photo in my post I had just opened the kit and took a photo before I set it up to start working on it. I’ll post an updated photo of my progress sometime soon.
      Diamond Painting is sort of like cross stitch in that the colors of the picture have different symbols to represent different colors. The picture is printed on a lightweight canvas and is overlaid with an adhesive.
      The diamonds are acrylic discs that I use an applicator-pen to pick them up and then stick to the corresponding symbol.
      Here’s an up-close photo of the way it looks.


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        • You’re welcome Colleen,
          I enjoyed sharing about it with you.
          I have tons of cross stitch patterns and a few kits. I love cross stitch; I just haven’t been much in the needleworking mood lately.
          If you decide to try diamond painting, you might want to get a small kit to start with to see if you like it. It’s disheartening to get a big craft kit and then discover you don’t enjoy it.
          Happy crafting. Have wonderful rest of the week! ❤️

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            • Hey Colleen,
              Having more than one project going at a time is alot more fun. I like switching between projects. Diamond painting kits make good gifts. They mostly come with everything to do them. I hope your friend enjoys diamond painting. ❤️


  1. Love your new Diamond Painting, E.C. It really is an addicting hobby. There is something about placing those dots one by one. I need to pull another one of my Diamond Dots out again.
    Winter has finally arrived in Michigan with snow last week and frigid temps this week. Oh how I am longing for Spring…

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    • Thanks so much Ginny,
      There’s a lot of confetti on this one, but I’m enjoying it just the same. Sometimes, I lose track of time when I’m in the diamond-painting-zone. I guess those shiny dots mesmerize me. lol
      I hope the sun shines on you all and the warm breezes of Spring bless your area soon. 🙂


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