Diamond painting – Daffodils – old thoughts

I’ve gotten a smidge past the middle point of my diamond painting. In real-life it looks pretty. It’s a real adventure trying to get a fairly clear photo of diamond paintings. The diamonds reflect light and can make it a mess of spotty bright spots. I’ll be happy to get it finished, framed and displayed on the wall. However, to me, it’s a bit monetish in that I need to step back from it to see its real beauty, which works out well for where I plan to hang it.
*(Monetish (moe-nay-ish) is not a real word. I made it up using the last name of Oscar-Claude Monet a French impressionist painter. I use to describe ‘something’ that one needs to step back to see ‘the something’ more clearly. A metaphor of sorts, I suppose.)
The weather has been absolutely lovely. It’s been mostly sunny and near 70°F. The daffodils in our area are blooming lovely. When we’re out for a drive, they’re like splashes of sunshine fallen to Earth, lined or splattered about the landscape.
I particularly love the fact that when the daffodils are in blooms you can look through the trees or across a field and see where the old homeplaces were. It’s quite a bittersweet view sometimes; to think once-upon-a-time a home stood amongst the trees or in the midst of a field. Perhaps it was a small place or a big place with a few children or oodles of children. Perhaps they danced around, picking daffodils and laughing as they discovered the yellow glow or pollen on their noses. I wonder how their lives progressed. I suspect it was much as it is today. I figure some of them grew out of their daffodil collecting days and scattered about the country making more dancing children and more homesteads. I wonder if any of them told their generations of offspring about the daffodils left behind. I wonder if their following generations ever appreciated that the daffodils are like a beautiful reminder of what once was.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week.
May your dancing with flowers days never end in your heart.




4 thoughts on “Diamond painting – Daffodils – old thoughts

  1. It’s been really warn here in Michigan as well, E. C. My Bradford Pear out front has buds! That’s not a good thing because when the cold finally comes, and it will, the buds will all freeze off like the did last year. The daffodils sounds so pretty. We’re all looking forward to spring. Dance with the daffodil fairies, my friend. 💐 🌷 💐

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    • Aw, thanks so much Colleen,
      I’m so glad that warmer days are visiting your area. I absolutely agree with you about it not being a good thing. I’ve been saying the same thing about the orchards around here and how the trees will soon bud and a hard freeze or snow will come before Spring and kill off the promise of fruit for the year. 😦
      To ‘dance with the daffodil fairies’, oh my dear friend, even in your regular speech, your poetic voice shines through. Thanks for smile! ❤️☺️

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  2. Your diamond painting looks pretty gorgeous! We always feel our pictures don’t do justice to our subjects. 🙂 The view of the daffodils must be so beautiful and tranquil. I love how you describe them as splashes of sunshine. Hope you enjoy their beauty while they last!

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      Yep, truly we are our own worse critics. 🙂
      Seeing my daffodils in bloom are calming and bring good cheer to my heart.
      I hope you have a beautiful rest of the week!

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