Wildflower Wednesday – 2018 Blackberry Winter Not so much – a few species of wildflowers

It’s that special time of year for blackberry winter. The blackberries are blooming & thunderstorms are threatening, but strangely the temperatures are unseasonably warm and pleasant.
I’m not complaining about the warm temperatures, but it’s a bit out-of-whack with the blooming season.

Blackberry Blooms

Oxeye Daisy

Poplar tree bloom bud and bloom.

Summer Bluet

Alfalfa Lupulina



Wildflowers certainly cheer up the landscape.
Hope you all have a cheerful rest of the week.


Blackberry Winter 2017

The blackberries and dewberries are in bloom. It’s that special time of year known as ‘Blackberry Winter’. The pleasant warm temperatures are taking a break for awhile. Thunderstorms are sporadically battering our region. At the moment, the sun is shining and the wind is gusting like mad. I’ll be glad when this little winter has passed.

Wishing everyone a short blackberry winter.


1st Harvest – Blackberry Winter

IMG_8755May 3rd my husband harvested our first crop. It was a lovley mess of radishes. My husband says they’re really good. I’m not a radish eater, but I like growing them as companion planting to help deter pests.5-3-2016-radishes

P1000489I re-potted my bell peppers. 59 have survived so far. However, I don’t know how much longer they’re going to last with no sunshine…
We’re in the throws of Blackberry winter. It’s quite cool and storms are fequent visitors.
The dewberries and blackberries are blooming pretty though.P1000387

My peonies were blooming happy & beautifullyP1000440Now since it’s storming everyday not so much…P1000611

We lost 2 small trees during the storms. My husband had to buy a chainsaw to clear them out of the yard. Hopefully the storms are finished with us for awhile and Blackberry winter will be over soon. Perhaps we can soon get back to the business of enjoying sunshine once again.

Wishing you all a pleasant rest of the week!turtspacer2

Blackberry Winter & Misc

IMG_0970I hope everyone had a good week. We’ve got colds here at my home. I’d hoped we were over that for the year, but oh well…

IMG_0898Blackberry winter has arrived. The temps get down into the low 40’s. That’s not too awful, but we got spoiled real quick to sitting outside enjoying the 70’s and the 80’s tempperatures.  It’s annoying that we need the heat on again.

IMG_1327My Basil isn’t doing well, most of it got bit back from the cold. I usually don’t have a problem during Blackberry with my porch garden. I guess where my basil was sitting there must’ve been an extra cold spot or something. Bummer dude!

IMG_1302The Baby Bunny living under our porch Something keeps chopping our Gerber Daisies to pieces. I’m going to surf around and see if I can find a deterrent. I don’t want to hurt whatever’s doing it, but I do want it to stop.

IMG_1319I started a new crochet blanket project with my shades of purple yarn. I didn’t get very far on it before I got sick. So, I’ve put it away until I’m well again.

And so it goes for me at the moment.
Time to go back to bed and wait for the cold to pass. t2513

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend!