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5-7-2017 Potato Experiment day 1

5-7-2017 Potato Experiment day 1
I found a couple of small potatoes in my potato bin that had sprouted a bit. I considered putting them in the edge of the woods for the critters. Since there were only 2, I decided to try something that I wanted to try for years; growing potato plants in a bucket.According to what I’ve read, if you plant a potato in a container that you can add soil or straw around the plant as it grows taller, it might produce a bucket of potatoes. I’m using store bought garden soil because that’s what I have on hand.

These particular potatoes are regular yellow eating potatoes. I’m not sure how well they’ll grow in the buckets, but I think it may be interesting to try. (plus it’ll give me something else to blog about. 😉 )

I’m using a couple of old 5 gallon buckets that I used in years past as planters on the porch. They have holes in the bottom for drainage. I put about 5 inches of garden soil in the bottom.

I cut the part that sprouted off the potatoes.I then placed the potato pieces in the soil.I covered them with about an inch of soil. I gave each bucket about 4 cups of water.

Now I wait.
I’ll post an update if a potato plant starts growing.

Have you ever grew potatoes by a method like this?
If so, did the potatoes grow and produce very well?

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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Ready for Rain

For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a rain chain. I think it’s a quaint and cheerful decoration.
I found a website that has helpful directions on how to make a rain chain.

There was a few things I needed to do differently from the directions.
I didn’t want to hang a chain under a gutter spout because if we decide to move, it’s something that we’d need to fix.
I toyed with the idea of hanging the chain from a shepherd’s hook and let it dangle over a container. It took me a day or two to think of a bird bath.
The chain would have to be shorter over a birdbath, but I decided a few small buckets might be quite charming.
I finally had it all worked out in my mind, I just needed to get my supplies together. It took a few weeks, but finally I had them all gathered up.


We worked on the flower bed off and all during last week and set up the bird bath. The weather Sunday was a bit chilly, but nice enough for us to stay outside and make my rain chain. It was quite late in the afternoon when we got started on it and after dark when we finished.


The stone dangling from the bottom of the chain is a small garden stone I bought last year. It set on my patio table because it was too small to put in my garden. I was delighted when I discovered it was the right weight and size to use with my rain chain. Pretty neat huh?4-4-2016-rc00

I plan to plant annual flowers around the birdbath and also I might even plant some chard for tasty color. Oh and I plan to put my garden flag hanger there too… as soon as I make a flag for it…

I can hardly wait for the next rain so I can see how my rain chain is going to do. I hope I can get a clear photo of it in action to share.

Wishing you all cheerful days of