Internet Issues update – hopefully resolved

m0374Well, 3 modems and 4 routers later… we finally seem to have a smooth running internet connection. Hopefully, I can get caught up with my internet-doings and put these aggravating internet issues far in the back of my mind (for a month or two).

Now maybe I can enjoy my new laptop good-n-proper. 😉

Wishing ya’ll an issue-free rest of the


Internet Issues

pcwOur internet has always been a bit contrary, but since last fall it’s gradually gotten absolutely nerve-wracking. It takes hours of trying for me to blog. It’s so frustrating.

4 pc’s, 2 cell phones and my kindlefire suffers the malediction of getting kicked off line and extra slow loading… Error Error Error… ~stomps foot~m0367I’ve done everything I know to do: power cycled many times, ran diagnostics, tested for viruses, uninstalled every program I had put on the pc’s like photo programs & files, personal files and the like, changed cords, changed routers and even said several unladylike words… Yep, I’ve surfed and learned and tried many fixes, everything short of calling our internet service. That was next on my battle plan.

My husband suggested that perhaps we need a new modem. I think he may be on to something with that thought. We’ve had this modem a few years and nothing that’s tech based seems to last very long now-a-days.
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to go get a new modem yet. There’s too much going on.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a new modem soon and it’ll be what we need and I can dive back into enjoying my blogging and internet nonsense again. (If not then I guess I’ll have to get a techie out here to resolve the issues.)

So, if I’m slow about getting to your blogs or replying to your comments, know that my contrary old modem is limiting my surfing experience.

Here’s wishing ya’ll a pleasant week of trouble-free surfing.